Bloomington, Monroe and surrounding counties, and Indiana University real estate and homes for sale. Flat fee listings and buyer rebates.


Valu-net REALTORS® are committed to providing every client with the highest level of personal service. We will take the time necessary to give you the individual attention you demand to meet your real estate goals. We pride ourselves in providing superior service while adhering to the highest ethical standards. But Valu-net REALTORS® don’t stop there... we also offer beyond what’s available from our competition - Supplemental Sales Disclosures and Home Rebates!


There is nothing worse than finding out your home has a costly repair or marketability issue except when you find out right AFTER you move in!  Most realty firms and agents rely on the Indiana Residential Sales Disclosure as the only source of information regarding the homes their clients are about to purchase.  While this disclosure does cover many important issues, it primarily only addresses the current physical condition of the home.  Having historical repair and activity information on properties may help to indicate underlying problems that may re-occur or affect their re-sale value.  With Valu-net Realty’s Supplemental Sales Disclosure form sellers must disclose important historical information that will make you, the buyer, fully informed about the property you are considering purchasing.   Our Supplemental Sales Disclosure covers 17 additional points that the State form fails to address... issues such as past homeowner insurance claims; past water issues such as roof leaks, basement wall leaks, sewer back-ups, etc.; past fires; and psychological issues such as previous criminal activity, deaths on the property, or conflicts with neighbors.  All these issues may directly impact the future reliability and marketability of the home you are about to purchase.

At Valu-net Realty we are not just after the next sale...we’re here to serve and protect your interests as if they were our own!


At Valu-net Realty we reward buyers who know how to search the listings, take the time to do their own “drive-bys” of interesting properties, and then narrow their search down to a handful of homes they want to be shown. We reward these buyers with a rebate of up to 50% of the Buyer Broker share of the REALTOR® commission. This typically amounts to approximately 1˝% of the purchase price of the home. On a typical $175,000 home this would amount to $2,625.00! That’s $2,625.00 available to you at closing. Use it towards closing costs, or to make repairs or improvements before you move in, or to cover moving expenses… it’s completely up to you! REMEMBER: a Valu-net Realty rebate is only available from Valu-net Realty and you MUST have a Valu-net REALTOR® show you the home you intend to buy AND no other REALTOR®. So see us first before you begin your home search!

Valu-net Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage in Bloomington, Indiana. Valu-net offers flat fee listings to sellers in Monroe County, near Indiana University that allows them to list their houses or homes on the REALTOR® owned MLS and still sell their houses or homes themselves (for sale by owner or FSBO) WITHOUT paying any REALTOR® commissions. Valu-net also offers buyers the ability to receive up to 50% rebates of the Buyer Broker Commission on their home purchases. Value-net is a leader in flat fee listings for Monroe County Indiana and Bloomington Indiana house rebate realty. Call us for your “for sale by owner” listing in Bloomington Indiana. Want to sell homes in Bloomington Indiana? Contact Valu-net Realty.