Curare Group Partners with ConsulTech to Build and Host New Web Site

Date: Nov 03, 2009

The Curare Group, a national leader in health-care professional recruiting, has chosen to ConsulTech to build and host a new, data-rich web site -- "Curare assembled a great project team, bringing together personnel specialists, technologists, and business managers to re-design their web presence in a new way, one that really accentuates who they are, and how they help health-care professionals find the jobs they are looking for" stated Patrick Casey, ConsulTech owner and CEO. "ConsulTech is a local company, focused on working with other local companies to help them succeed", added Casey. "With Curare's long-standing ties to Bloomington and its commitment to charities such as the American Red Cross, we are especially proud to add them to the list of local companies with whom we partner".