Jest Technologies Picks ConsulTech as Network Partner, Again

Date: Jul 13, 2010

Jest Technologies of Bloomington has chosen ConsulTech as its technology partner – again. Jest selected ConsulTech to manage its apartment-complex Internets in the spring of 2008. Since then, the networks have been improved in terms of reliability and speed, and Jest customers have become accustomed to ConsulTech’s signature customer service. Jest recently renewed and extended its commitment to providing exceptional quality, reliability and value to its customers through ConsulTech.

Dan Smith of Jest Technologies comments:

ConsulTech has done a great job for us. They have made our networks faster and much more reliable, and their customer service is outstanding -- customer complaints have dropped dramatically since we partnered with ConsulTech. Their staff is always prompt, competent, and courteous in dealing with residents and the leasing offices in the complexes we serve. They make us look great in the eyes of our clients.

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