ConsulTech and Deer Park Launch 26 - Building Wireless Network

Date: Feb 02, 2005

ConsulTech, one of Bloomington's oldest technology services firms, and Deer Park Management, one of Bloomington's property management companies, today announced the launch of a wireless Internet network for 26 buildings at The Boulders at Deer Park, off Hillside Drive in Bloomington.

“We have deployed wireless Internet technology to provide residents with complete mobility,” states Patrick Casey, ConsulTech CEO. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Deer Park on this visionary network solution. It’s just another example of Deer Park offering cutting edge amenities to its residents.”

ConsulTech utilized the latest technology for this network, including its own Internet pipe and fiber optic cable to distribute bandwidth to each building. Within each building, ConsulTech and Deer Park deployed wireless access technology for residents. It provides high-quality wireless services to hundreds of local residents, contributing to Bloomington’s position as one of the most wireless communities in the US.

"We are thrilled to have this new network in place,” said Joseph Fitzgerald, President of Deer Park. "Many Boulders residents are associated with Indiana University. Our new network allows them to take their laptops to class or to work, and then bring them home at night and enjoy the same great service."

“ConsulTech has been a high-quality technology partner for small and medium-sized companies in the area for a long time”, said Casey. “We are very customer-focused and our emphasis on service and quality makes Deer Park Management a great match for us. We are proud to help them contribute to making Bloomington such a great place to live.”