ConsulTech Announces E-Mail SAVR

Date: May 15, 2005

ConsulTech Technologies, Inc. this week announced the launch of a new program to reclaim e-mail from the barrage of useless and annoying Spam. Called SAVR (Spam and Virus Reduction), this program uses a Spam Firewall 400 from Barracuda Networks, a worldwide leader in plug and play appliances to protect e-mail infrastructure. Winner of numerous industry honors, the Barracuda Spam Firewall is a remarkably effective tool that reduces incoming spam and virus messages by 80-95% and more. It is a significant advance over previous Spam and virus reduction tools.

SAVR provides robust Spam detection and suppression, deleting Spam at the firewall before it gets to user PCs (possible Spam is flagged for later review). Spam profiles on ConsulTech's Spam firewall are updated hourly.

SAVR also provides robust virus detection and suppression, with automatic virus scanning of e-mail attachments (unless they are password protected). Virus profiles are also updated hourly.

Further, SAVR has an optional feature called Microsoft Exchange Accelerator support. This uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to insulate Exchange servers from dictionary attacks, a major cause of Exchange server slowdowns.

ConsulTech is providing SAVR at no charge to area businesses that use its e-mail services. For organizations that host their mail elsewhere (including their own Microsoft Exchange servers), SAVR costs only $25 per month for up to 25 accounts, with discounted pricing is available for larger e-mail domains.