Announcing the ConsulTech Certified Partner Program

Date: Sep 16, 2005

In the past few years, pace-setting Realtors and Realtor-based companies in the Bloomington area have used Internet Data Exchange (IDX) to display listings from the Homefinder multiple listing system (MLS) on their websites. The next stage in the evolution of the MLS, IDX can provide real-time interconnectivity between your website and the Homefinder MLS, with custom branding of your website and listings display to help increase your sales. ConsulTech and the Bloomington Board of REALTORS (BBOR) support IDX functionality for websites hosted both by ConsulTech and by other website hosting providers.

In order to facilitate broader adoption of IDX functionality, ConsulTech is pleased to announce the creation of its Certified Partner Program, and the first two ConsulTech Certified Partners. These two individuals add significantly to the service span of ConsulTech, and I have worked with them both on many occasions over the past 18 months. Because of my confidence in their technical ability, their integrity, and their dedication to customer service, I am willing to certify their work as if it were my own.

Steve Hafer has worked for many years both with ConsulTech and with its software-development sister company, Envisage Technologies. He is very experienced with the MLS and with IDX services. Steve's expert programming services are now available directly from ConsulTech.

Sabra Vidali has worked as a web site developer with several Realtors and Realtor-based companies such as Choice Realty & Management, Mary Edwards, Pointe Connection Real Estate, RE/MAX Connection, Tim Ellis Realtors and Auctioneers, and others. In addition to her excellent aesthetic touch, Sabra has worked with Steve Hafer on many occasions to incorporate IDX services into web sites. Sabra's expert web design services are now available directly from ConsulTech as well.

Please join me in welcoming Steve and Sabra to ConsulTech's Certified Partner Program. I believe their service solutions will be a significant benefit to the Bloomington Realtor community.

Patrick Casey, CEO
ConsulTech Technologies, Inc.